JANUARY 8-9th OYC Sunday Brunch Series every Sunday!  OYC
15-16th Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC ) Mid-Winters, Part 1
week-end series 2 days
29th SSS Three bridge Fiasco Race, single or doublehanded
FEBRUARY 19-20th Corinthian Yacht Club (CYC ) Mid-Winters, Part 2
week-end series 2 days
MARCH 17-19th San Diego YC NOOD Regatta (FCA)
18th SSS OYC Rites of Spring Shorthanded Race
25th BAMA Doublehanded Farallones Race
Final Race Results!
Farallones Race Stories!
APRIL 8th OYRA Crewed Lightship - City Front/Ocean - Alameda YC
8th SSS Singlehanded Farallones Race
15th #1 Inter-Club Series - Central Bay - BAMA
29th Duxship (OYRA)
MAY 6th HDA #1/ODCA to Vallejo Race, 1st day - Vallejo YC
Season Opener YRA
7th HDA #2/ODCA from Vallejo Race, 2nd day - Vallejo YC
Season Opener YRA
13th Farallones (OYRA)
13th #2 Inter-Club Series - Central Bay - Encinal YC
20th HDA #3 & #4 Bridge Course - T.I. Bridge - Encinal YC
26th Monterey (OYRA)
JUNE 3rd HDA #5 North Bay Course, Tiburon YC
10th Delta Ditch Run Richmond YC / SSC
10th SSS Corinthian Race
17th #3 Inter-Club Series - Long Distance Race - Alameda YC
17th HDA #6 Islands Tour, Sausalito YC
18th Stockton South Tower SSC
26th EYC Coastal Cup
JULY 8th #4 Inter-Club Series - South Bay - Oakland YC
22nd Silver Eagle Race  Island YC
29th HDA #7  ODCA-Second half opener, T.I. course, Encinal YC
30th HDA #8  ODCA-Second half opener, City/ Pt.Bonita/ Estuary
AUGUST 5th SSS Half Moon Bay Race
12th HDA #9 City Front, Golden Gate YC
19th Southern Cross (OYRA)
26th #5 Inter-Club Series - South Bay - Club Nautique
26-27th HDA #10 Knox/Bonita - Sausalito YC
SEPTEMBER 1st Windjammer Race - City Front - Santa Cruz YC
2nd..3rd St. Francis YC NOOD Regatta
2nd Jazz Cup - South Beach YC / Benica YC
9th SSS East Bay / Estuary Race
9th HDA #11 South Bay/Alameda Course - Encinal YC
16th #6 Inter-Club Series - South Bay - Sea Breeze YC
16-17th Drakes Bay (OYRA)
30th HDA #12 Richmond Long - Richmond YC
OCTOBER 14th #7 Inter-Club Series - South Bay - Island YC
14th OYRA Jr. Waterhouse - City Front / Ocean - YRA
14th HDA #13 Yankee Cup - City Front - GGYC
15th HDA #14 Yankee Cup - City Front - GGYC
21-22nd SSS Vallejo 1-2 Race
?? BAJA HA-HA  Start of Cruise

Year 2000 Inter-Club Courses

Swiftsure 2000

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