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Subject:  Welcome to BAMA
From:  Randy Devol <>
Welcome to the Bay Area Multihull Association mail list.  Any and all email messages of interest to BAMA members are welcome and even encouraged.  Trip reports, race results, multihull sailing tips, historical questions, event schedules (to name a few topics) are all welcome.  Address your messages to and they will be received by all BAMA email list members.

Non-BAMA members are welcome to join the list and the community through this list.  Lurk all you like and post when appropriate.  Just, please, restrict the message content to items of interest to BAMA members.

The postings you will receive from this list are all preceeded by BAMA: in the Subject: field, which may help you in configuring your mail filter to automatically file all your BAMA related email: 

This is not a commercial list.  Advertisements will not be tolerated. Only list members can post here and abuse of this list (as defined by me) will result in removal from the list. (Warnings will be sent before removal.)

If you have any questions or problems, please send email to postmaster at

-=O=- Steve                                       postmaster at
Formerly owned Yang Fan, Seawind 100XL

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