2002 Doublehanded Farallones Race
on Donnybrook

by ">John Brady, 4/11/2002

The race started with a prevailing breeze from the northwest that held up throughout the race day. After the start we sailed out toward the center of the bridge with "Catri". We jousted with "Catri" until she pulled away and was the first boat under the bridge.

After passing under the bridge we made one short tack and set a course for the South Farallone Island. With the exception of "Humdinger", all the other multihuls took a more southerly heading, I assume, for greater speed. We never reefed the main, however, we did take in a few wrapes on the jib about 20 miles out when the wind picked up to 17 kts..

We gave the Island a generous leeway rounding the north end. By now the sun was shinning bright and the two buildings on the green belt looked like a sight you would expect to see off the coast of Ireland.

Wow!!! The sail back was a wild ride. We chased down the "Pegasus 55" ahead of us while surfing waves at between 16 and 20 kts.. The surfing was a blast with the exception of the one trough I stuffed the bows in and nearly launched myself through the mast.

The wind held up until about six miles out from the gate. I believe "Wingit" and "Catri" set their spinnakers about that time and nearly beat us to the finish line.

Again, I want to thank the race committee for an excellent job.

John Brady, Donnybrook

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