2016 Double Handed Farallon Race

2017 Double Handed Farallon Race: Awards, shirts, trophies May 24th OYC

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Oct  29 RYC Great Pumpkin
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Jan 15-22-29 Feb 19-26 March 19-26 OYC Sunday Brunch  Series
4/26-6/14   7/12-8/30 OYC Sweet 16 Series
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Past Events:

Jan 28 Three Bridge Fiasco
Feb. 12 BAMA Members Meeting, IYC 
Feb. 15 2016 DHF Awards
Mar 11 OYC ROS  
Mar 11 RYC Big Daddy
Mar 15 DHF2017 Skippers Meeting OYC
Apr 8 IC-1
Apr 15 SSS RoundTheRocks
May 13 IC-2
May 2438th DHF+ Awards, Shirts, Trophies Meeting
Jun 10RYC/SSC Delta Ditch
June 10IC-3
Jun 24IYC Silver Eagle
July 8IC-4
July 15West Point
August 12IC-5
Sept 2SBYC/BYC Jazz Cup
Sept  9IC-6
 Indian Summer Splash

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