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 2011 SF NOOD

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  F-27 on San Francisco BayRacing Rules 2017-2020

 BAMA 2011 Race Photos

RacingRules 2017-2020 with Index

Shallow water waves SAS course 

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F36 #005 Trimaran Building

The Bay Model with Kame Richards
How it is made with Kame Richards
Sally and Stan Honey Article


Surface Wind San Francisco
DHF History & Stories

Medical Guide for Ships
Bloosee Link

VHF/DSC simulator Click here: Can You Hear Me?

Rescue 21: Triangulation

Rescue 21: Digital Selective Calling

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Boat US VHF Communications

Recreational Boaters Guide (USCG)
PFD Coast Guard
PFD Mfg. Assoc.

Personal size smoke and flare

ASIS/PLB Combination
SmartPhone GPS Track Recording

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Sailrocket runs 65.45 knots

Chartplotter and GPS Navigation Software, OpenCPM   Charts

ISAF International Sailing Federation
Offshore Regulations
ISAF Offshore Special Regulations
Category 0 Multihulls
Category 1 Multihulls
Category 2 Multihulls
Category 3 Multihulls with Life Rafts
Category 3 Multihulls
Category 4 Multihulls
Category 5 for Mono & Multihulls
Category 6 for Mono & Multihulls

OSR 5.02.1(a)

 Boat Gear:      

USCG Safety Alerts:

CA Division of Bating and Waterways, Boating Clean & Green
Sailboat Rigging Dangers


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Steve Fossett's PlayStation!!!

Joe Siudzinski's web site

Seawind Catamaran Owners Association

BAMA-sponsored BAADS (Bay Area Association of Disabled Sailors) Project

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