BAMA 2016 Board of Directors

Rich Holden   Commodore - Rich Holden
Rich's email address is commodore at sfbama dot org

Vice Commodore - Damien Campbell
Damien's email address is vicecommodore at sfbama dot org
Mark Eastham

Race Chairman - Mark Eastham
 Mark's email address is racechair at sfbama dot org

Secretary - Terry Smith
Terry's email address is sfbsec at sfbama dot org
Rich Keller
Treasurer - Rich Keller
Richard's email address is  treasurer at sfbama dot org
Truls Myklebust

Social/Training/Safety - Truls Myklebust
 Truls sfbsocial at sfbama dot org
Gary Helms

Cruising Director - Gary Helms
Gary's email address is sfbcruise at

Rating Chairman - Amy Wells

Amy's email address is ratingchair at sfbama dot org
Chris Harvey

Information Systems / Communications - Christopher Harvey
Chris's email address is sfbcomm at sfbama dot org

Previous Board of Directors

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