Joint Venture - F/C-31CC

Aerial view of F/C-31 Joint Venture in Vallejo
Randy has been sailing in the S.F. Bay Area for 20+ years. Sandy "Joined" him in 1995. They have been sailing together ever since. Image of Randy and Sandy on the F-24 Joint Venture in the Alameda Estuary, 1998
Blade Runner in the water at Long Beach
Their first boat was "Blade Runner." This hydrofoil sailboat routinely exceeded 20 knots, and often exceeded 30 knots. It is a commercial version of Greg Ketterman's Longshot, (sailed by Bay Area sailor, Russell Long) which still holds the "Class A" world speed sailing record. It is a real hoot to reach across the bay from Chrissy Field to Sausalito faster than a windsurfer.

With that speed potential, Blade Runner was given a BAMA PHRF rating of -240. Owning that rating was more fun than winning. :-)

Sadly, they are no longer available from HobieCat.

Randy still maintains an email list dedicated to Trifoilers, and Cliff Sojourner still has a web page with lots of Trifoiler content. Be sure to check out Blade Runnings, a kind of email log of Randy's Trifoiler Fun.
Blade Runner on the beach at Chrissy Field

F-24 Joint Venture racing in 2000
After breaking Blade Runner several times in the rough San Francisco Bay, Randy and Sandy upgraded to an F-24. Formerly owned by John Brady, Pao Hana was renamed to Joint Venture. This F-24 served them well as both a racer and a cruiser.

The F-24 is a great stepping stone to larger trailerable trimarans.
F-24 Joint Venture reaching through San Pablo Bay in a Vallejo Race

Joint Venture in San Pablo Bay during the 2004 Catnip Cup
In 2001, Randy and Sandy upgraded to a center cockpit C-31, but had it built to the older F-31-CC interior layout. They raced it for a few years, but are evolving it into a trailerable cruising trimaran. The picture on the right is from a trip to Devil's Isle that included their cat, Mocha.

This Joint Venture has white hulls, gray non-skid, and white Pentex sails. It's not very distinctive, but it is very distinguished.
View of F-31 Joint Venture at Devil's Isle in the Delta

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